Course Syllabi

The following is a list of ESPM courses and their syllabi. Future syllabi may be modified by time, location, instructor and content.

ESPM 1002 Orientation to Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management Major for Transfer Students, 1 cr.

ESPM 1011 Issues in the Environment, 3 cr.

ESPM 2401 Environmental Education/ Interpretation, 3 cr.

ESPM 2021 Environmental Sciences - Integrated Problem Solving, 3 cr.

ESPM 3012 Statistical Methods for Environmental Scientists and Managers, 4 cr.

ESPM 3000 Semester on Current Issues for ESPM:

ESPM 3031/5031 Applied Global Positioning Systems for Geographic Information Systems, 3 cr.

ESPM 3108/5108 Ecology of Managed Systems, 3 cr.

ESPM 3131 Environmental Physics, 3 cr.

ESPM 3202/5202 Environmental Conflict Management, Leadership and Planning, 3 cr.

ESPM 3241W/5241 Natural Resource and Environmental Policy, 3 cr.

ESPM 3261/5261 Economics and Natural Resource Management, 3 cr.

ESPM 3271 Environmental Policy, Law and Human Behavior, 3 cr.

ESPM 3603/5603 Environmental Life Cycle Analysis, 3 cr.

ESPM 3607 Natural Resources Consumption and Sustainability, 3 cr.

ESPM 4021W Problem Solving: Environmental Review, 4 cr.

ESPM 4041W Problem Solving for Environmental Change, 4 cr.

ESPM 4256/5256 Natural Resource Law and the Management of Public Lands and Waters, 3 cr. (Updated syllabus is pending.)

ESPM 4295W/5295 GIS in Environmental Science and Management, 4 cr.

ESPM 4811/5811 Environmental Interpretation, 3 cr.

Other designators in the ESPM curriculum can be found on their respective department website: