ESPM Tracks Overview

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Conservation and Resource Management

A photo of a large tree trunk on the left, with a woman drilling a small core into the trunk

This track focuses on land use and the sustainable management of natural resources. It looks at forests, farms, cities, and wetlands. In this track, you’ll investigate the causes and solutions to environmental problems created by human action.


Environmental Education and Communication

A photo of a woman holding a small evergreen tree

This track focuses on teaching the public about environmental issues. You’ll learn about environmental science and ethics, and gain the skills to teach and communicate with diverse audiences in many settings.


Environmental Science

A photo of two people wearing sun hats in a field of barley

This track focuses on science and the solutions to complex environmental problems. You will use biology, chemistry, physics and math to analyze the impact of human activity on natural landscapes. You’ll also learn how to communicate scientific information to resource managers, policy makers, and the public.


Policy, Planning, Law and Society

A photo of two researchers in a forest inspecting trees

This track looks at the ways humans and nature interact. You’ll focus on environmental issues and solutions through the lens of policy, law, economics, politics, and management. Topics include ethics, conflict management, and innovative solutions to land use and conservation.