Diversity and Inclusion in ESPM

For ESPM to successfully prepare students to contribute to environmental fields, we understand that inclusive and equitable environments, curricula, and research are essential. We explicitly acknowledge and celebrate the diverse students, staff, and faculty in the ESPM major. At the same time, we recognize the personal and systemic racism and oppression within our systems, which has to change.

As an interdepartmental major, ESPM draws faculty and staff from several CFANS departments, all working toward more inclusive and equitable practices and environments. Specific information on those departments’ efforts can be found on the following pages, supported by the University’s and CFANS’ efforts.

Connecting with the Campus Community

A good place to start when researching community resources at the University of Minnesota is the Office of Equity and Diversity's Welcome to Your Community guide (.pdf).

Student Groups

There are a number of student groups at the University of Minnesota which have a multicultural and/or diversity focus. You can find a list of such groups here. Several groups which may be of interest to our students are the Graduate Students of Color Alliance (GSOCA), University Women of Color (UWOC), the LGBTQIA Mentor Program and/or the Black Graduate and Professional Program Student Association (BGAPSA).

LGBTQIA Resources

There are a number of LGBTQIA groups on campus. You may wish to visit the Queer Student Cultural Center to start getting connected. In addition to the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life website, students can reference the Gender Open Housing and Gender Neutral Restrooms webpages for additional resources.

Disability Resource Center

The mission of the UMN Disability Resource Center is "Advancing Access for Everyone." If you have questions about accessibility or accommodations for students at UMN, visit the DRC website.

Student Mental Health Resources

The University of Minnesota is dedicated to raising awareness about issues related to student mental health, effecting policy change, improving conditions on our campus for students with mental health conditions, and serving as a model of collaboration for our campus and other universities. Visit the Student Mental Health website for more information.

Women's Center

The UMN Women's Center seeks to advance gender equity and "educate and inspire feminist leaders, advance an empowering intellectual environment, and advocate for an equitable University culture and community." Visit the Women's Center website for more information.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

The ISSS office is an invaluable resource to international students at the University of Minnesota. They can assist with questions related to travel, visa requirements, employment, legal services, living in Minnesota, and more!

Twin Cities Multicultural Resources and Services

This directory was developed to assist students living in the Twin Cities area with finding available resources and services. The directory is broken down by category and primary community.