CFANS Scholarships

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List of ESPM Scholarships and details:

  • Recruitment Scholarship (incoming freshman; $1,000). Automatically considered with application to U of M for ESPM program.
  • ESPM Service Scholarship (2 ESPM students entering senior year; $1,500 each; use general CFANS scholarship application form and deadline)
  • Conference Grants: CFANS offers grants for undergraduate students to pay for expenses incurred to attend regional, national, and international conferences for professional and/or academic development related to CFANS majors.  Please see more information about Conference Grants on the Scholarships and Grants for Current Students page
  • ESPM Study Abroad Scholarship (minimum 3 credits or 16 days abroad; multiple awards; $500 each; use CFANS Study Abroad Grant application form and deadlines)
  • ESPM Summer Study Assistance Grant (for summer study at Cloquet, Itasca or similar program; multiple awards; $800 each; contact program coordinator for more information). Fill out supplementary question #5 in CFANS Academic Year Scholarships.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

The U of M's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides a stipend to undergraduates for special research, scholarly, or creative projects done with a faculty member. You must apply and be accepted into the UROP program. To apply, you'll develop your own research proposal, usually in partnership or with the permission of a faculty member. Applications are accepted twice a year and are judged on the quality of the proposed project, and on the educational benefit to the student.

Application materials, deadlines, and additional information about undergraduate research may be found below:

CFANS students who have questions or need guidance with the UROP program can contact Hal DeLaRosby (CFANS Student Services) at [email protected].

External Scholarships (related to CFANS majors)