Ziwei Guo

ESPM Student, Corporate Environmental Management, Class of 2019


The WEC writing panel experience with three outstanding panelists was great! They gave us hints about what needs attention in a professional writing environment. The panelists, from government employees to business representative, explained different writing types in their jobs. One interesting point all panelists mentioned is how to express information effectively in public communications. In written pieces, it’s necessary to learn how to draw public attention. Telling a story is always a good start to generate the interest to continue reading. Then, the story can be followed by explaining what it told us or why the audience should care about the issue or how close the topic relates to people. Then it’s a good idea to describe how we can prevent the problem from happening. Nowadays, the average time for people to spend on an article is much shorter than with past generations. So, keeping words simple and concise would help to deliver the message to as many people as possible. In the business sector, time is money. Next, the panelists suggest people should also practice how to refine a very long PPT to a short paragraph. They also offered many methods to practice our writing in our daily life. Attending the event gave me many useful pieces of advice that I could use in both my academic life and future career. I hope more events like this would be held on campus.